All members of our association are united by a belief in the following general principles:

Human Rights & Individual Freedom
Every single human being enjoys inalienable rights, including the right to life, liberty, and private property. No human being must suffer discrimination of any kind.

Liberal democracy is the form of government best placed to guarantee and promote human rights and freedom, both locally and globally.

Free Markets & Trade
Common and individual prosperity is best achieved through free enterprise and trade. Government should oversee but interfere as little as possible with economic activity, all while supporting citizens who suffer economic hardship.

International & European Cooperation
On a global level, political stability and human well-being are best safeguarded through constructive and rules-based international partnerships. Close European cooperation, both within and outside the European Union, is especially key to the continent’s peace, freedom, and prosperity.

Value of Education
Education is indispensable for the promotion of the liberty, well-being, and affluence of individuals and societies as a whole. Every human being ought to have equal access to educational opportunities, independent of their background.

The above principles are a summary of and enshrined in the Constitutional Declaration of the NKSU, adopted in Lund (Sweden) on 12 July 2009.