Statement on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

The NKSU strongly condemns the unjust, unprovoked and illegal invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation.

We support all severe economic sanctions being proposed by the United States, European Union and others. 
And further urge all European states to assist by sending military equipment to Ukraine.

Moscow needs to realise that itÔÇÖs aggression towards a peaceful European country such as Ukraine will not be tolerated under
 any circumstance and any other penalties that could possibly be
applied, should be applied as soon as possible.

The days where the most basic elementary principle of respecting territorial integrity of any country being put aside are long gone
and do not belong in the modern day. But we also believe if any dialogue for peace
can be sought that it would be at preferable option to prevent any loss of human life.

The future is full of doubts and uncertainty. We must by all means necessary be willing to defend Ukraine and our democratic values.

We unequivocally and heartfully stand with our fellow Europeans in the Ukraine.